Arts and Culture

About Arts and Culture Organizations

Arts and Culture organizations make the world a more enjoyable place. When you listen to the symphony, learn at a museum, stroll through an art gallery, laugh during a play, smile when you watch a child perform at school, or tap your feet at a concert, an art or culture nonprofit organization most likely sponsored your experience.

Common Development Strategies for Arts and Culture Organizations

Membership plays an important role for Arts and Culture organizations, so these nonprofits must build systems around keeping in touch with and cultivating relationships with those people in the community who share their passion. Sometimes these organizations sponsor capital campaigns, to build a new theatre, for example. And more often than usual they are the beneficiaries of major gifts because there is a lot of public appeal to be associated with certain arts and culture projects. Community outreach is often a priority, such as performing at schools. And speaking of schools, there is a close bond between the arts and education communities, so these two nonprofit groups often collaborate. In general, people involved in arts and culture enjoy and value collaboration, so strategically planning partnerships with other organizations is a key driver to success.

How Mighty Penguin Helps Arts and Culture Organizations

While some development strategies are universally helpful to all nonprofit organizations, successful nonprofits skillfully target their development efforts to identify and to cultivate the funding sources most likely to bear fruit for them. The strategies used to raise money for a new hospital, for example, are quite different than those used to promote music education. Mighty Penguin understands the many funding sources and strategies available to help its Arts and Culture clients. If you are an arts or culture organization, Mighty Penguin can help you design and implement an effective development strategy, which will help you fulfill your mission more successfully. You can change the world!

University of Utah College of Fine Arts

The University of Utah College of Fine Arts hired Mighty Penguin Consulting to bolster its development goals. Mighty Penguin helped the College develop a campaign to create new facilities and programs, provided interim executive management services, provided strategic guidance to the Dean and the Senior Vice President for the Arts, and created and led a team of experienced development officers.