Cities and Municipalities

About Cities and Municipalities

An important nonprofit group that is sometimes overlooked in the nonprofit world due to its primarily-public funding is Cities and Municipalities. With public funding under relentless pressure, public entities such as schools and cities are looking to generate additional sources of revenue to serve the needs of their populations. Cities are actively promoting tourism and other benefits of their communities via branding and advertising campaigns, and we are seeing more cooperation and synergy between the private sector and the public sector than ever before.

Common Development Strategies for Cities and Municipalities

Perhaps more than any other nonprofit group, cities and municipalities can benefit from creative and effective strategic planning. Cities and municipalities are in a great position to leverage their resources: established channels of public funding, public awareness (we all know the city in which we live!), credibility, a well-organized database of their constituents, etc. They are in a good position to partner with other public offices, to tap into public money specifically earmarked for cities, and to develop effective communication programs with the citizens living in their boundaries. Cities and municipalities can promote tourism and economic development to benefit the lives of their constituents while at the same time paying for the operating costs associated with running their development offices.

How Mighty Penguin Helps Cities and Municipalities

While some development strategies are universally helpful to all nonprofit organizations, successful nonprofits skillfully target their development efforts to identify and to cultivate the funding sources most likely to bear fruit for them. The strategies used to raise money for a new hospital, for example, are quite different than those used to promote music education. Mighty Penguin understands the many funding sources and strategies available to help its Cities and Municipalities clients. If you are a city or municipality, Mighty Penguin can help you design and implement an effective development strategy, which will help you fulfill your mission more successfully. You can change the world!

The City of Roosevelt

Our consultants helped the City of Roosevelt raise money to build an aquatic center. We first developed a Case Statement, then helped the city to identify community and industry leaders who would provide much of the leadership for the city’s campaign as well as important symbolic support. Our consultants helped the city initiate a major gifts campaign and guided much of that campaign. The city successfully raised $7,000,000 and accomplished its goal of building a state-of-the-art aquatics center.