Health Services

About Health Services Organizations

Health Services organizations are committed to helping people in all health aspects. These organizations manage hospitals and substance abuse centers, conduct health research, promote disease prevention, provide resources to health care providers, and educate the public about health issues. When it comes to caring for our minds and bodies, chances are a nonprofit health organization is involved in some way.

Common Development Strategies for Health Services Organizations

Health Services organizations often depend heavily on grants and contracts, so effective grant writing is essential. Data gathering and research are also quite important to health services organizations. They sometimes initiate major gifts and capital campaigns, and they often reach out to national funding sources, which tend to be more available for these kinds of nonprofits. Health services organizations who forge strong and strategic partnerships with public officials, governmental agencies, large corporations, and research institutions enjoy a high fundraising success rate.

How Mighty Penguin Helps Health Services Organizations

While some development strategies are universally helpful to all nonprofit organizations, successful nonprofits skillfully target their development efforts to identify and to cultivate the funding sources most likely to bear fruit for them. The strategies used to raise money for a new hospital, for example, are quite different than those used to promote music education. Mighty Penguin understands the many funding sources and strategies available to help its Health Services clients. If you are an health services organization, Mighty Penguin can help you design and implement an effective development strategy, which will help you fulfill your mission more successfully. You can change the world!

Easter Seals

Our consultants worked with Easter Seals to develop a program specifically focused on planned giving. We identified several potential planned giving donors and helped Easter Seals to create a tracking program to identify future planned giving donor opportunities.