About Heritage Organizations

Heritage organizations commemorate the things that touch our lives. They strengthen our roots by celebrating the challenges we have endured and the accomplishments we have achieved as individuals, communities, and nations. They help preserve museums, monuments, historical sites, and cultural treasures.

Common Development Strategies for Heritage Organizations

People interested in heritage preservation often fall into groups who have shared a common experience, perhaps from a challenging experience that forged a strong bond. Such groups are well defined, and loyalty among members is generally high, two characteristics upon which an heritage organization can build a successful development strategy. Correctly identifying people and institutions who share a common interest in preserving something is an essential first step. Effective fundraising strategies include major gifts, capital campaigns, and planned giving. Depending on the size of the interested group, grass roots campaigns may also be effective. Public funding may also play a role if the project is based upon an event that impacted the public as a whole, such as a war or natural disaster. Heritage preservation is often project-based, such as constructing a monument. Such projects are attractive from a fundraising perspective because donors can rally behind one specific project, focus their energies for a short period of time, accomplish their objective, and move on to other priorities rather than feeling the need to manage affairs indefinitely. Lastly, by definition Heritage is long lasting, and this longevity can be especially attractive to certain donors who are interested in preserving their own legacy.

How Mighty Penguin Helps Heritage Organizations

While some development strategies are universally helpful to all nonprofit organizations, successful nonprofits skillfully target their development efforts to identify and to cultivate the funding sources most likely to bear fruit for them. The strategies used to raise money for a new hospital, for example, are quite different than those used to promote music education. Mighty Penguin understands the many funding sources and strategies available to help its Heritage clients. If you are an organization involved in preserving heritage, Mighty Penguin can help you design and implement an effective development strategy, which will help you fulfill your mission more successfully. You can change the world!

Topaz Museum and Education Center

The Topaz Museum was created to preserve the heritage of the Japanese internment camp located in Delta, Utah and to erect a museum commemorating the events of the Japanese citizens who were forced from their homes in the San Francisco Bay area during World War II. The board hired us to help it fulfill its mission. We helped the organization strengthen its board membership, develop strategies to achieve its fundraising goal, expand its donor base, conduct special events, identify funding sources, and secure major gifts. The organization successfully raised $3,000,000 and recently completed construction of the inspiring Topaz Museum and Education Center.