How We Can Help You


The sentiments of every nonprofit organization we have met or worked with over the years can be summarized as follows:

“We have an important mission to accomplish, a mission about which we are passionate. However, having sufficient, dependable, and sustainable resources to accomplish our mission is a constant and sometimes overwhelming challenge.”

Sound familiar? While each organization is unique, the principles, strategies, and systems that contribute to a successful development program are remarkably consistent. That’s where we come in. Mighty Penguin is a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations develop strategies and systems to identify and to attract the resources necessary to accomplish their missions.


We help you plan strategies, solve problems, and implement sustainable systems as we work together to achieve successful outcomes. The specific strategies we design and functions we build upon to help you achieve success will vary, depending on your needs and budget. The primary functions associated with nonprofit development include organizational development, leadership training, executive search, administrative training, systems development, technology training, board development, fundraising, marketing, proposal and grant writing, public relations, donor development, special events, campaigns, planned giving, major gifts, interim staffing, case statements, feasibility studies, and more. Our role is to help you design strategies and implement systems that maximize the effectiveness of these functions.


We work with all nonprofits in the United States, regardless of their size or budget. Although we have much experience working with large organizations, most of our clients are relatively small, and we have put a lot of effort into designing effective programs and affordable solutions for small and micro nonprofit organizations. In all cases, we customize a plan that is reasonably-priced and commensurate with the scope of consultation we provide. We generally charge a monthly fee, although we do offer some services on an a la carte basis. After we have a chance to learn more about your organization, we will provide a few different fee options customized to your needs and budget.