About International Organizations

Thousands of organizations in the United States focus their efforts on promoting good around the world. These organizations promote international development and disaster relief, peace and security, economic sustainability, cultural exchange and enrichment, and human rights.

Common Development Strategies for International Organizations

It’s a big world out there, and international nonprofits run the risk of getting swallowed up in the enormity of world need unless they have a very clear message and stick to that message ardently. International organizations must focus on donor awareness more than most nonprofits, and they need to bring their “case for development” home to the hearts and minds of their potential donor audience. Grass roots campaigns, crowd funding, social media, family involvement, and community outreach can be successful if executed strategically. There is a fair amount of funding available from national foundations, and corporate partnerships can be effective, particularly if the corporation has international interests.

How Mighty Penguin Helps International Organizations

While some development strategies are universally helpful to all nonprofit organizations, successful nonprofits skillfully target their development efforts to identify and to cultivate the funding sources most likely to bear fruit for them. The strategies used to raise money for a new hospital, for example, are quite different than those used to promote music education. Mighty Penguin understands the many funding sources and strategies available to help its International clients. If you are an organization with an international focus, Mighty Penguin can help you design and implement an effective development strategy, which will help you fulfill your mission more successfully. You can change the world!

Cause for Hope

Cause for Hope is an organization that helps individuals and families in developing countries to become self reliant. The organization recently hired us to train its development staff. For this client our primary focus was to help the organization create a robust major gifts program. With our help the organization successfully identified, solidified, and procured many of the major gifts it was targeting. Cause for Hope also asked us to conduct an executive search for a Director of Advancement, a task we completed successfully.