Who is Mighty Penguin?


Mighty Penguin is a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations develop strategies and systems to identify and attract the resources necessary to accomplish their missions. The name Mighty Penguin is a tribute to our clients, the people who give their time, energy, and passion in the pursuit of making the world a better place. It is a symbol of the principles and ideals we aspire to and witness every day as we rub shoulders with so many people we admire: hard work, generosity, perseverance, loyalty, tenacity, wisdom, teamwork, and a bit of fun.


Why Choose Us?


Every nonprofit organization faces the question: "Do we manage development ourselves, or do we turn to others for help?" There is no absolute answer, but our experience over the years suggests that in many cases we can help organizations do a better job with many aspects of their development needs than they can do themselves, and do so for less money. As the largest nonprofit consulting firm in Utah, over the years we have helped dozens of organizations collectively raise tens of millions of dollars, giving them the freedom to focus on the issues they care about most.